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unity force control on the ground. the ukrainian defense chief, according to afp, has said that russia has sent at least 6000 troops to crimea. that is the headline coming out of the af he this morning. about 41 minutes ago. there is a picture of some of the unidentified armed men in front of the crimean parliament. let's go to mark, waiting in massachusetts on our line for independence. -- line for independents. caller: i think russia definitely has a right to protect their interests. they have bases down there. i know the ukrainian government is set up. is there any real military force ? if some he wants to come in and -- do harmia people in the upheaval. it, maybes down to crimea will secede and become their own country. russia today reporting in an interview with the russian dispense -- defense minister that russia has 150,000 troops and 90 aircraft, 800 80 tanks and 1200 pieces of military hardware involved in drills on the ukrainian border right now. that doesn't concern you? host: i didn't know that they had that much stockpile. the do have their whole fleet. strength already hu
views as a criminal defense lawyer. a comprehensive revision of the federal criminal code should focus on five main points. reducing the number of federal crimes, ensuring that the revised code strikes a proper balance between federal and state law enforcement, clearly defining the appropriate levels of mens rea, establishing uniform rules of construction, and revising the overly harsh punishment system. i'll take those in turn. fir, reducing the number of federal offenses. the list of federal crimes has grown from handful in the crimes act of 1790, to thousands today. this has occurred in part because the country has become more complex and also occurs because everytime there's a national crisis the reaction is to enact new federal crimes. the result is a morass of overlapping statutes. the more than two dozen different -- chapter 47. seven different fraud statutes in chapter 63 and i count 19 different obstruction offenses in chapter 73 of title 18. this proliferation of federal offenses has too main practical consequences from my perspective. first of all the sheer number of crimes
by someone standing over him. >> defense lawyers have been planted throughout the trial that she might have accidentally shot herself. the final witness scheduled to testify for the prosecution. >> woman spent 11 years as a fugitive and is being held without bond. a court hearing is scheduled on friday for the 45 year-old. she was arrested by police investigating a traffic accident. she is a former employee of the medical center in aurora. she is charged in a fraud and forgery case. she is accused of cash in more than $10,000 worth of checks made out to former hospital employees and job back quickensapplicants. reported >> no major disruptions in its schools as the illinois standard achievement test underway. a multi day exam required. some teachers and parents say the testing is a waste of classroom time. the current version of the test will be phased out. officials had threatened to force boycotting teachers from the school buildings. they were allowed to stay and teach students who did not take the test. at least 1500 students from 80 schools reportedly opted not to take the test. re
criminal defense at trial and appellate levels. he has tried nationwide and argued before a number of federal courts of appeals in the united states supreme court. without objection, your full statement will appear in the record. the chair is requesting witnessess confine the testimony to five years. you have experience with red, yellow and green lights. you know what they are. >> microphone? >> it is on. there it goes. thank you chairman, ranking members, and other task fort members. thank you for to opportunity to return. it is an honor to return to the committee and i am comfortable as addressing the chair as mr. chairman. it is also an honor to return to the committee to appear before ranking member scott, when whom i worked on many issues and bobby as well who contributed to the work. my years on the staff were some of the best. and now i welcome to opportunities to address the task force on criminal code reform. this issue is near and dear to my heart. mr. chairman, you have thread charge by introducing the criminal code modernization act. having worked on this legislation, i
and ukraine's defense minister says radical groups are planning new activities in ukraine. our in-depth coverage begins in the southeast of ukraine. in the capital of crimea. jennifer glasse, defense minister says there are operations what he calls radical forces in the works. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, john, tonight in crimea, the air space is choafd closed. we see a lot of armed men around here in the last day. th started in the middle of the night last night taking over sevastopol airport which is a military airport, they look very well trained, no military insignia, no identifying marks on their vehicles either. military trucks moving on the roads of crimea, certainly from the capitol and sevastopol, that is the headquarters of russia's black sea neat. we can't identify -- fleet. whee can'we can't identify who , who they answer to or what they are doing here. the air space is now closed. we have had a movement of military vehicles on the roads and so a very worrying development here in crimea tonight. >> jennifer are they facing any push dk back on the grown? >
's screams, four gunshots, and then a man yelling for help. the defense questioned her on the possibility of gunshots before she woke up and whether her recollection was accurate. pistorius says he shot and killed his girlfriend because he thought she was an intruder, in his bathroom. but prosecutors say this was a pre-meditated murder. c-p-s parents are finding themselves caught in the middle of the battle between teachers and administrators over standardized tests. nancy loo is *live with more information. >> good morning. the teachers' union has set a protest here at the school later this morning ahead of the testing. teachers at the school were among those to organize the boycott. all have supposedly said they will not administer these tests. but they are required by law to do so. it's just not clear how many students will actually take the test. >> the illinois standard achievement test is eight days long and some schools began the process yesterday. most elementary students across the state are expected to begin the testing this morning. it's not clear what will happen at the schoo
russia wouldn't be enough saying reintroducing plans to build missile defense sites in poland and admitting georgia to the nato alliance. thing is wacky. let's watch it. >> very much cares about testimonisy on his borders. i would like to create a democratic noose around putin's russia. poland and the czech republic. we abandoned our missile defense agreements with them to protect europe from a rogue missile attack coming out of the mideast. russia backed obama down. if i were president obama, i would reengage poland and the czech republic regarding missile defense. i would admit georgia to nato. i would have a larger military presence in the balkans to nato members who are threatened by russia. i would fly the nato flag as strongly as i could around putin. >> normally that would be harmless. that's just lindsey graham channeling cooley from advise and consent, the only southern rascal anti-communist. but the danger here, it seems to me what we should be trying to do is get the genie back in the bottle over there. get russia to limit its invasion to crimea. slowly withdraw it
around putin's russia. poland and the czech republic, we abandoned our missile defense agreements with them to protect europe from a rogue missile attack coming out of the mid east. russia backed obama down. if i were president obama, i would reengage poland and the czech republic regarding missile defense. i would admit georgia to nato. would have a larger nato presence in the balkans. i would fly the nato flag as strong as i could around putin. >> he is rubbing his face. president roosevelt once said don't mention the word rope in a family where there has ban hanging. here is a thought there. the weekly standard's bill kristol explained that humiliation was the way to go when it comes to the russian leader. let's listen to bill. >> we are too quick to say, to proclaim our own helplessness. and i'm not as fatalistic as jeffrey. if america got its back up and got serious, i think the europeans would follow. i don't expect them to lead in this respect. we could make life pretty miserable for putin in a lot of ways. >> but there has to be a way to find a face-saving solution or some
the ball cross court, drives to the basket. hits the go ahead lay-up there. >> great defense. >> i >> the desperation shot, see it? no good. all right. tar heels get their tenth straight victory 85-84. over at the nba for something you probably never seen before. pistons and spurs last night. check out ginobili on defense. he is behind number 21 on the spurs. you are watching this? he plants his left foot and busted right through his sneaker. yeah, he walks off with a shredded shoe. uninjured, he straps on a new sneaker and gets right back out there to play. >> defect. >> yeah. >> so earlier this week we introduced you to hank the dog, the milwaukee brewers unadopted mascot. he faced off with the brewers famous sausage racers. >> that's a dangerous race. >> yeah. >> the weiner costume and all, he continues to earn his place with the team. and look at. that they have him strapped down. he is weighted. poor little thing. look at hank with the mustard on his back and everything. all right. what do you do you bring in -- what do you -- what does that say? go back down. >> who do you br
reserves to himself the right to intervene militarily at any time anyplace in ukraine, not just in defense of rugs, but also in defense of ukraineens. that's essentially a cart blanche to invade any country. >> saying he reserves the right to protect his people as if ukraine is still part of the old soviet union. >> putin has never like so many other russian elites accepted the legitimacy of an independent ukraine and he as far as he's concerned doesn't even consider ukrainians to be a separate people. essentially, he's marching in to defend his own. he also said and this is absolutely shocking, that he is "not worried by war." no leader other than adolf hitler and perhaps the ruler of north korea would say that kind of thing in today's world. >> should we be worried about vladimir putin's mental capacities or are we seeing a situation where some suggest we are looking at a russian leader who is isolated and insulated and only speaks to people who tell him what he wants to hear? >> i think it's both. clearly he is insulated, isolated, although at the same time, do keep in mind the russian
federal position was at the defense department. i know you have not been at dhs long, but i'm sure you have noticed that the level of command and control to what you may have become uh cuss -- accustomed to is not at dhs. you experienced potentially damaging results of the structural defect. the fact that an acquisition solicitation was significant privacy implication was published without approval by dhs or the awareness of ice leadership is very troubling. your immediate predecessor promoted the concept of one dhs, one structural changes that persist to when 22 independent officers and agencies were essentially thrown together under one roof. as you have undoubtedly learned by now, dhs components essentially function as independent entities. all too often components see directors from headquarters as advisory. this has to stop. for one dhs to truly have meaning components must adhere to department-wide policies and mandates and i appreciate your position when the chairman and i had a meeting with you that you basically committed to making that happen as well as making sure that the v
." the press secretary to the defense security. democratic line. mark inmove on to michigan. serious things to talk about. independent line. caller: good morning. good morning america. you know what is going on in ukraine? chris explains it very well. there is a mass extinction underway. the wealthiest of our societies around the world have taken over government, they have taken over military, and in order to slow down this, they are eradicating poverty. host: thank you for the call. some photographs yesterday -- this is from crimea. some of those russian flags appearing. crimea accounts for 10% of the total land mass of ukraine. a country over 40 million people. mitch joins us from tennessee. good morning. caller: hello? host: you are on their. -- the air. caller: putin is afraid of what is happening in crimea and what will happen in his country. there is going to be a civil war there. he does not want this to happen in his country, because then he will be live on tv, killing protesters. it will be a big mess. that is already what is happening in crimea. he is just afraid that if they do n
defensive and it could be dilutive to their talk at what they are buying is rapid growth. to their stock. but they are buying is rapid growth. it was purely defensive from their own of view. you can't look at whatsapp and said that per user, blackberry can get $3.6 billion. do haveys to have -- valuation of blackberry messenger. greg, it is ah different user base. if you look at blackberry and blackberry messenger, it is mostly professionals that are using it, they are using it for collaboration, they're using it to leverage the productivity. to sort ofpeals more the average consumer. john, but do you expect, that eventually he is going to spin it off? >> you know, he indicated in a bloomberg interview yesterday that is certainly a possibility. his plans are to scale up that business but they have 85 million subscribers. he needs to get that larger. i think he is going to do that by developing some functionality user at, again, that core that is looking to blackberry messenger for collaboration and enhance productivity. >> john, thanks so much for joining us. restructuring specialist gre
.s.-afghanistan relations. including a bilateral security agreement. speakers included former state and defense department officials and thand a representative withe u.s. agency for international development. the event was hosted by the u.s. institute of peace in washington, d.c. it runs about one hour 10 minutes. >> i would also like to thank all of you for coming. thank your distinguished guests, ambassador dobbins in particular. also our panelists for this first panel which is titled the united states and afghanistan, the longview. i think it's only in a town like washington, d.c. we can talk about looking beyond 2014 as a longview. but given the tendency to view, have a quite a reactive u.s.-afghanistan policy in relations certainly of late with lots of focusing deed on security transition in the upcoming political transition in 2014 in particular, i do think in terms of the current discourse in washington talking about life beyond 2014 in afghanistan is taking a longview. i think one of the objectives in this, for today, is really to try to look at the future relation between the u.s. and pakistan be
the defense ministers, saying president clinton ordered the test at 2:00 p.m. moscow time today. the report did not mention ukraine, one of russia's western neighbors, where months of protest have forced a pro-russia president to go into hiding. the president was not able to confirm the order and the defense ministry not available for comment. louisiana government bobby jindal is defending his harsh criticism of president obama saying, in america, we do not have a king. the republican was criticized by a democratic governor, molloy, on monday. after they emerged from others from a meeting with the president said the president seems to be waving the white flag of surrender on the economy. governor jindal in remarks earlier today says the white house in his words belongs to the people. he had a duty to speak his mind. is not at thea white house today. he is on the road traveling. minnesota focusing on the roads and railways. this fund is forecast to go broke as early as august enemies $100 billion over the next six years just to maintain current spending levels. c-span is covering the event y
the cold war. we do not need the star wars defense shield. isolateto economically russia and show them that the $60 billion that he spent for the olympics is almost equal to for the 36pense olympics. this off of twitter -- deeply concerned that russia will expand its military intervention in ukraine. sts"a needs to impose "co now. here's bethany, columbia, maryland. independent line. that the media is and they vilify the russian president and there is still those cold war mentality that the russians are always wrong and they are always bad and they are some sort of monsters. go towesterners the rescue. that is not always true. host: what you think the proper response should be? they should let the russians and ukrainians figure out what is best for them. there is truth about the outer-nationalists. they are not good for the ukraine. -- majority of ukrainians they voted for the president. the president was elected. he won the majority. from the very beginning they hated him and they wanted to depose him. westhey think of the automatically takes up their side. conflictsilitary happen, do
defense cooperation, increase u.s.-israel collaboration on cybersecurity, expand u.s.-israel energy cooperation and reaffirm our commitment to israeli missile defense programs which have saved many innocent lives such as the iron dome. so i urge my colleagues to support h.r. 938 and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. royce: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield three minutes to the gentlelady from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, the chairman emeritus and middle east subcommittee chair of the committee on foreign affairs and of course the author of this bill. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from florida voiced for three minutes. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you so much, mr. chairman. mr. speaker, congressman ted deutch and introduced the united states-israel strategic partnership act because we're committed to the security of our friend and ally in an increasingly volatile middle east. chairman royce and ranking member engel have been instrumental in getting this important
>> eric holder talks on defense right and the defense marriage act and the decision not to defend it in court. and he talked about restoring civil right and the vote to ex-felons. this is 20 minutes. >> our next guest is a special guest and we appreciate having him here as we always do. i commend general holder for his willingness to speak to us candidly and openly every year. the fact that our parting gift is going to be a baseball cap speaks to how many times you have been here because all of the gifts we give out have already been given to you. we will give you something you might be able to use. but we have all familiar with general holder. he was sworn in as the 82 attorney general on february 3rd 2009. he was named to be the deputy attorney general in 1997 and served as the united states attorney for the district of columbia. he was nominated to be an associate judge for the district of columbia. he was a litigation partner at covington in washington. it is a pleasure to have you to here address us. general? [ applause ] &%c1 >> good morning. thank you, attorney general j.b.
the biggest trial of the century. certainly so far it is. >> reporter: the defense claims it was a tragic mistake. pistorius thought steenkamp was an intruder in the home. he acted in self defense. prosecutors allege it was deliberate. he opened fire during an argument in early hours of valenti valentine's day last year. the prosecution will claim he was reckless and gun happy. new images show pistorius on a gun range,i shooting the pistol that killed steenkamp. there is evidence of a flirtatious and loving couple. >> we're looking at a double tragedy, really. because no matter what happens, his life will never be the same again. >> reporter: the trial is due to last three weeks, but a long list of witnesses mean it could last much longer. spending the last few hours inside that courtroom, i can tell you it is truly incredible in there. reeva steenkamp's family is sat shoulder to should we are oscar's family. george, none of them are even looking at each other. >> thank you, hamish. get back to the oscars now. josh what an interview with cate blanche blanchett. >> i got to sit down with c
defense cuts. if america rapidly retreats from the world power status, our enemies will jump into the void. we can't unilaterally end the islamic readycal terrorist war on us and we shouldn't ignore history lessons about what happens when the united states tries to isolate itself from the menaces that threaten the international community, end of quote. at a time when threats are increasing and countries on nearly every continent are in turmoil, it's naive for the president to downgrade our military strength. maintaining our national defense is the primary function of the national government. i find it dangerous that the president suggested this proposal which places american families at risk of further attacks. we should follow the advice of the veterans of foreign wars, our nation is still at war. peace through strength. in conclusion, god bless our troops and we will never forget september 11 and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentlelady from california seek recognition? without objection, the entlelady is
to the president's new defense budget proposal. we're looking at possibly the fewest troops since before world war ii. and a higher reliance on machines and unmanned drones. our rich edson has the latest breakdown from d.c. how does it break down, rich? >> well it depend on what you're looking at in the aspect of this. when you talk about fewer troops in the field, you look at support that goes behind that. a lot of manned vehicles especially on the ground analysts pointing to perhaps some vehicles produced by oshkosh, general dynamics, bae systems. they're retiring specifics, u-2 spy-plane, classic from the cold war is retired. maintenance cost will go away from companies. literal combat shift. they scaled back that one. hits lockheed martin and general dynamics. two unmanned drones, predator and reaper, that is built by general atomics. that will be scaled back. specific programs here and anything used to support troops will get hit in this budget. melissa: who else gets hurt? >> well that is pretty much it from that perspective, especially when you scale that down. as far as the winners are con
. it is geared for customers who work in defense or high security fields. details still being worked out by boeing. >>> want to know america's top five richest neighborhoods and cities. the top dog, greenwich, connectic connecticut's golden triangle neighborhood. the next is bradley manner longwood in bethesda, mare marks potomac manners in potomac, maryland, old cutler hammock oaks in coral gables, florida, then carter rock the palisades. more details on that at nbcnews.com. >>> what happened to mano ginobli's shoe? stay tuned. [ female announcer ] we'll cook all day today, but we're not staying in the kitchen. just start the slow cooker, add meat and pour in campbell's slow cooker sauce. by the time you get home, dinner is practically done. and absolutely delicious. everyone is cooking with new campbell's slow cooker sauces. from the big screen to small screens near and far twizzlerize your entertainment every day with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. which is why he's investing in his heart health by eating kellogg's raisin bran®. not only is kellogg's raisin bran® heart healt
at the department of defense -- >> dud, was there a -- did, was there a background check conducted on mr. marone before the appointment you made to his being chief of staff? >> you mean chief of staff for dhs. >> yes. >> yes, to the best of my understanding, there was. i also know him for five years and know his qualities, and i'm glad i hired him. >> did you -- so there was a background check. did you review that background check? >> not myself, no. >> who did read it? >> the appropriate officials, i'm quite sure. my understanding is that the background check was quite thorough which included matters of of public record from fumo trial which is what your letter refers to. >> did the white house review it? >> as far as i know, they did. >> were there any -- >> as is the standard practice. >> did it reveal any concerns? >> mr. marone's was viewed extensively including the matters of public record. i have every reason to believe that it was thorough, and we hired him, and i'm glad we did. he's doing an excellent job for the department. >> who conducted the background check? >> i could not tell you
of a woman before four gunshots on the morning that steenkamp was killed. pistorius' defense attorney contended the screaming may have been pistorius after he realized he had shot steenkamp. >>> well, a high-profile trial under way here in the u.s. prospective jurors have been introduced to osama bin laden's son-in-law who faces terrorism charges in new york. the judge asked sulaiman abu gaith to turn and face the potential jurors before asking if any of them knew him. none did. lawyers must choose 12 jurors and several alternates before opening statements can begin tomorrow or thursday. >>> the prospects for middle east peace talks appear slim despite a major push by secretary of state john kerry. at the white house yesterday israeli leader benjamin netanyahu appeared pessimistic about meeting an april deadline to move the talks forward. president obama meets later this month with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. >>> first lady michelle obama makes her first visit to china later this month. the trip will include meetings with china's first lady and high school and university student
news, scarlett? >> a russian defense minister issuing orders to conduct a check of combat readiness of its military districts. they basically want to test the combat readiness of the armed forces across western russia on wednesday. ,his began at 2 p.m. local time running through march 3, which is next monday. so, russia is readying combat troops with urgent military drills that come up, of course, with the tension in ukraine increasing. you can see the dollar ruble increasing. raking through as the ukrainian the wordingt to use correctly, ukrainian currency collapsing earlier this morning. markets are reacting to this news. >> by the way, first the olympics, now we get the announcement on troop movements. right? >> first things first. if the cameras off, get the journalists out of the country. >> this is why they were officially following the upheaval in ukraine, now they are readying combat troops. >> coming up for you, to dollar trillion is what airbus predicts the global demand for airplanes will be in the next two decades. we will discuss, next. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. i
watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >>> go around the world now starting in turkey where opponents of the prime minister are staging mass demonstrations. we have more. >> reporter: we just saw riot police moving towards the location where people are gathering. this round of demonstrations parked after wiretaps were leaked. the discussions centering around how to move and hide vast amounts of money. the prime minister saying that these tapes were immorally educated together. turkey a key nato ally once again finds itself in political turmoil. >> and to india now where officials are on the hunt for a leopard that has evaded capture even after being cornered inside a hospital. >> reporter: up and dopandemoni busy city just 40 miles north of new delhi. a leopard wandered through the hospital and remained there for ten hours. they fired tranquilizing darts, but still it managed to jump out of a concrete scene. schools and
. >> , o'brien is a defense report on cq roll call. connor o'brien, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, bill. >> up next to mckenzie center bob corker speaking order today with reports of the "christian science monitor" breakfast in washington, d.c. topics range from a situation in ukraine parliamentary procedures in the senate. the republican lawmaker talked about the recent decision by workers at a car plant in his home state to vote down an effort to unionize. this is about one hour. >> okay, folks. here we go. i'm dave cook from the monitor. thanks for coming. yesterday senator bob corker ranking member from the senate foreign relations committee and influential member of the banking committee. this is his first visit with our breakfast group and we thank them for coming. senator corker i is a south carolina native who grew up in chattanooga and graduated from university of tennessee with a degree in industrial management. he starts his own construction company which grew rapidly in which he sold before turning 40. in 1994, our guest ran for the senate, finishing second in the repu
in well. >> reporter: the defense which claims kennedy unknowingly took the sleeping pill ambien the morning she sideswiped a tractor trailer in 2012 rested thursday after calling its final witness. dr. david benjamin a clinical pharmacologist who helped get ambien approved by the fda said it can cause automatic type behavior or zombieism. they might become impaired and not know it. >> this is a responsible woman. had she had her faculties about her she would have pulled over and called aaa. >> reporter: kennedy the daughter of robert f. kennedy has pleaded not guilty. and testified that the morning of the accident she had taken a generic form of ambien by mistake, mixing it up with her thyroid medication. on the stand she said if i realized i was impaired, i would have pulled over. but in their closing argument, prosecutors said kennedy knew right away that she had taken the wrong pill. she felt it and i submit she was looking for an excuse to control her public image. an apparent reference to her famous family. many of whom have showed up to support kennedy every day including
the prosecution's case seemed to stumble. there were allegations of police mismanaging evidence and the defense will delve into oscar's fear of crime that propelled him to shoot at what he said he thought was an intruder who broke into his house in the middle of the night. as an olympian,sc pistorius made south africa proud on the world stage. tomorrow his life and his actions will take center stage in a courtroom here. that, too, will be watched just as closely by his countrymen and many around the world. lester, the trial gets under way tomorrow with opening statements by the prosecution, and in a first for this country, a south african judge has allowed cameras in the courtroom. it's going to be televised. a lot of people will be watching it. the trial is expected to last from three to five weeks and a verdict possibly weeks after that. you can imagine it is going to grip the nation and a lot of media attention from around the world. >> thanks. we're going to switch gears and talked about the red carpet. for many people, the only question that matters is who are you wearing? we take a closer
that no one knew him previously. his identity is an important issue for the defense. >> what the defense has found in this case is that there is another individual who is currently held in began taguanty by the united states with a name similar in parts if not identical to my client's. >> abu ghaith is the highest ranking al qaeda figure to face trial on u.s. soil since the 9/11 attacks. >>> prosecutors call themselves satisfied with the start of the murder trial of oscar pistorius. pistorius pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenka steenkamp, and to other gun-related charges. on the stand yesterday, a prosecution witness recalled hearing what she called the blood-curdling screams of a woman before four gunshots on the morning steenkamp was killed. pistorius's attorney contends the screaming may have been pistorius screaming for help after he realized he shot scene camp. >>> a minnesota couple died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning inside their home. the two daughters were found alive in their house. they're being treated at the hospital. the wife mentioned on face
, how to grow the economy, create jobs, how to open up energy infrastructure, how to keep the defense from being hollowed out. we show those ideas, we pass those ideas, we have a big difference of opinion with the senate and clearly with this white house. this is divided government. and this is what you get in divided government. sometimes you can get things done. in this particular divided government, we're far apart. >> let's talk about what you're going to bring forward in march. you look back at 50 years since the war on poverty came into existence. johnson spoke very forcefully about how important it was that we shouldn't have poverty in the united states of america, and yet the numbers are the same after all those years. >> that's what we're saying, we put this document out there, it's basically a study looking at all the federal government's poverty fighting efforts and programs. you can go to budget.house.gov. we're saying, let's take a look at the federal government's approach now that we're 50 years in on this war on poverty. look what we have to show for it. we have the hig
gaze, walk and turn and finger to the nose. in his defense, those are all very challenging. >> they're almost like those dutch wooden shoes, right? what are they? i don't know. we'll get to the bottom of it. >>> incredibly intense moments on the basketball court, two games both giving us heart-stopping, last-second shots! joe carter breaks down what you missed while you were sleeping. >> i can't wait to see that. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel. and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is hotels.com. it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly. everyone. not one, but two college basketball games decided in overtime with last-second shots. oh, my gosh, i can't wait because i had this league, but i had to see this. joe ca
of sanctions, including restarting of our missile defense systems in the czech republic, saying we're going to take georgia and other nations into nato, and instead of tell -- >> might be easier said than done. no matter what we have said, even when we have spoken in broad terms, consequences for your actions, he still keeps acting, and the latest news, military boat in cuba setting up shop, maybe more to come. inviting in the worse case fears of another cuban missile crisis. probably getting a little ahead of ourself. what do we do to count their impression we won't do anything. >> first of all, the ship in the cuban port is not anything to worry about. really. it's sort of a saber rattling thing which does not have any real effect. what really does have effect is we now have another invasion by russia. the paramilitaries are clearly russian, and coming out of their base, of a sovereign nation whose territory is very clear. the crimea became part of ukraine -- eastern ukraine is next. we're going to have to look at sanctions, have to have some german involvement in this is a well. leadersh
down at a big rate, a big drop in children ages two to five. the defense democratic plan to go scale back the u.s. military, that has people in pakistan living in fear. >> the aljazeera morning news continues and del is right back with you in just two minutes. >> an ultimatum from the white house, the new approach to getting out of afghanistan. >> it was not safe to keep my children in that area. they were discretioned due to hovering drones. >> the defense department planning to down size america's military, striking fear in the hearts of some in pakistan. employers refusing to hire anyone who smokes. >> please, somebody tell me he's alive. >> this woman watches at her husband dies, that case head to go court. >> we are seeing sentencinging now in the murder trial in the lee rig by case. a british soldier brutally killed on the streets of london last year. both men charged convicted of murder two months ago could be facing life in prison. we are outside the courthouse in london where both men are now awaiting sentencing. phil, we hear there is a heavier police presence outside the c
to legally stay in afghanistan. defense secretary, chuck hagel, arrived in brussels for a defense minister's meeting. this is expected to be topic number one. the pakistanis are already pointing out that this could be a regional security crisis. their feeling is that there could be civil war in afghanistan. 30% of afghan troops could defect if the u.s. goes. this will be a crisis because it will give the u.s. very limited ability to keep an eye on al qaeda and the taliban and the concern for u.s. security for all of us. this could become a safe haven again for those militant groups. the u.s. won't be able to keep an eye on the other side of the border in pakistan. which al qaeda still basically calls its home. a lot at stake. karzai will be leading off later this year. there are new elections. the hope is a new afghan president may see it differently. the pentagon making clear the clock is ticking. they cannot wait around forever. some decisions will have to be made. carol? >> cnn's barbara starr. a new warning for people in north carolina. do note touch the river water and do not eat fish
. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >> good morning to you. welcome back to al jazeera america. thousands of secret document from bill clinton's presidential library in the dome april. first a look at the temperatures. >> we'll have a wide range of numbers. we'll feel the heat building. temperatures soaring into the request 70, and -- into the 70s, and 80s. contrast that where we stand in minneapolis. it feels a lot colder. if you step outside it feels like we are stepping at mines 20. windchill warnings in place. that will last early this afternoon. bundle up. temperatures here across the upper midwest ranging from 30 to 50 degrees. arctic air has not gone anywhere, it's cold across the north-east. 28 in cleveland and across the south. here is where the warmth lies. we have the temperatures in the low 50s. a little on the warm side. highs near 80. >> thank you. >> 911 calls from the traffic jam at the george washington bridge in new jersey were made
but not scout leaders and officers are first defense dealing with mentally ill but people who need help are arrested and created like criminals and shows how one texas department is looking to break the cycle. >> as a father of seven mike is stretched thin. >> it's like a referee sometimes. >> reporter: his 15-year-old has aspergers, a form of autism and needs extra attention. >> lack of understanding of other people. >> reporter: with the exception of a texas police officer, monique hall who met his son a year ago after he ran away from home. hall is part of the bedford police department unit, with breaking a pattern of responding to or arresting the same people for the same crimes. hall makes frequent visits to mike's home becoming a familiar face to the troubled teen. >> he will talk to her and excited at times to see her. >> reporter: after reviewing data police chief roger gibson noticed a trend, most repeat activity came from two groups, victims and offenders who suffer from mental illness or domestic violence. gibson's unit targets two groups, attempting to build relationships
maintain ready, modern and capable defense forces to address any threats we might face, including threats from terrorism and cyberattacks. it funds humanitarian and diplomatic efforts in syria, supports transition and reform throughout the middle east and north africa, and advances our strategic rebalancing toward the asia-pacific region. it enhances stability and creates new markets for u.s. businesses with investments in power africa and promotes peace and security by supporting global health care and addressing climate change. and it strengthens oversight of intelligence activities and enhances the protection of u.s. diplomatic facilities and personnel overseas. the budget also ensures we continue to meet our obligations to our troops and veterans who have given so much to our country. to deliver on this commitment, it provides significant resources to support veterans' medical care, help military families, assist soldiers transitioning to civilian life, and reduce veterans' homelessness and reduce disabilities claims backlogs so our veterans receive the benefits they have earned. it a
all comes down to which party controls the senate. democrats are playing defense. polls show the party is vulnerable in as many as a dozen seats in the senate. republicans only want to win six of them for control. and the gop playbook, it's the same all over the country. maybe the election about president obama and his health care law. >> if i had my way about it, we'd repeal obama care and start all over and get it right. >> many democrats particularly in the decisive red state senate races are running scared. in kentucky, allison avoids health care and says she doesn't need president obama. instead, she and other endangered democrats are enlisting the help of another democratic president. >> look, i love kentucky. you've been good to me. you've voted for me twice. >> reporter: two potential rising stars to keep an eye on. >> i can't tell you how honored i am. >> reporter: democrats hope wendy davis' meteoric rise translates into an update in the governor's race. and texas republicans are poised to elect their third george bush to office in the last 50 years. this one is jeb bush's so
and stewart know this is one of the most dovish defense in our lifetime and i don't see that changing. in my business, seeing institutional investors, there is a phrase that is gospel and fed.is-you don't fight the i think the fed will stay extremely dovish. i work with don cohen and i think he would agree. if we get a rotten unemployment number on march 7, the possibility of maybe doing 5 billion instead of 10 billion will be on the table. i will not predicted but i think that despite all the media hype about a divided fed -- look at the power in the fed, it is all dovish. this is a very dovish fed and i don't think that will change. that is a second positive theme. the third positive theme that people around the country just do not acknowledge, and they really do look at me like i'm on medication when i tell them, the deficit is falling pretty sharply. this mode of fiscal restraint is grossly underappreciated. i will talk about that in a minute or two. this mood of fiscal restraint will persist as long as one thing continues and that is republican control of the house. toill leave it to dr
. further, since 2005, the defense department has used this funding for child-care centers, hospitals, traumatic brain injury research, orthopedic equipment, hospitals and schools. in 2010, $50 million in funds were used for the guam improvement enterprise fund. $50 million in ogo funds were used for the guam kpwraouplt enterprise -- improvement enterprise fund. last year funds were allocated to egypt, jordan, kazakhstan, kenya, lebanon, somalia, south sudden -- sudan, uzbekistan and yemen. last year the funds were used for trafficking in persons related to labor migration in the kazak republic and establish a tunesia american enterprise fund. in 2011, $89.3 million was used by the national guard to support the southwest border of the united states. this years $2818 million in ogo funding is being used for the tricare health care funding. some of the ways that in the past ogo funding has been used. mr. president, i'm not here to argue about the wisdom of any of those expenditures. many of them may well be valid. but what i will say is that the needs of our veterans are also valid. and
, including defense exports. we had a very good progress with the order which will secure and shape our jobs in his constituency. and, frankly, i was criticized by the party opposite for taking defense contractors on trade missions overseas. they don't think it's appropriate i think it is appropriate. i think we should be standing up for defense industry and defensive jobs. >> will the prime minister ended speculation over the future of the hunting act by confirming that he doesn't intend to use a statutory to repay or remember the act live removing the limits on the number of dogs that can be used? >> well, this will quite probably be a matter for the house of commons, as he will know what has happened is a group of welsh and other members of parliament have looked at a particular problem of pest control in upland areas of whales and other parts of the country. they are making a proposal. the proposal will be properly examined by the department and and and the house of commons will be able to decide. >> thank you, mr. speaker. further to my honorable friend's question and during national ap
. it was interesting that they felt so defensive that they had to strike out. if us and arizona are heading that way, it's a clear statement that that's the way the country is headed. >> your efforts paid off. >> thank you, joining us from phoenix. >> the group alliance defending proce freedom which helped write the bill said this: >> coming up later - first lady michelle obama will announce changes to nutrition labels. the label makeover marks the first in some 20 years. erica pitzi joins us to explain. is this cosmetic or is there science behind this? >> there's science behind this. consider this - more than 40% of working adults read the consideration labels. system make it easier to understand. the original labels are based on eating habits and data from the 70s and '80s. the food and drug administration says it's time for an update. >> first off information about calories and fat making way for the calorie count, which will be bigger and bolder print. serving sizes will have a prime minister incident print. they'll reflect portions people eat as shown by studies, so they'll be bigger. shown on
by congress. you have seen an increase in spending and asking for fresh spending on defense issues in spending.n of fresh if you look at our stores on nutrition, health for low income families, housing -- those types of things. the budget is a way to reach forward with continued funding. the new stories, the earned credit, the child tax credit, that is news coming out of the budget. host: any thoughts on the differences between cuts and reforms, what she brought up earlier? guest: that is a great point because cuts, are, of course, cuts. what republicans are trying to is not the cast as the party of coldhearted budget-cutting. ryan struggled with this is a issueskesman on poverty for the last several years. republicans are trying to talk about poverty reform. and ryan talks about the importance of job training and work for these programs. reform case for broader -- is that breaking through for republicans? it is difficult to say. i do not think so, yeah a lot of ways. there,hen you are out you hear questions like hers, is this just budget cuts. parties are both trying for reform. is purelyent'
of kerry kennedy. she prepares to take the stand in her own defense. we'll have the latest in the courtroom. >>> and as simple as asking an adult. a rossen report hidden investigation reveals how easy it is for teenagers to get their hands on alcohol. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> coming up, pippa middleton speaks out about that dress for the first time. >> after your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® pore refining cleanser. alpha-hydroxy and exfoliating beads work to clean and tighten pores so they can look half their size. pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. neutrogena®. [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. what 8 grams of protein looks like when you're getting the most out of yourself and out of life. start your day with the power of protein. mi
to be able to be the first line of defense, and i would argue that it is important that we exempt the secretary, the department from that because of their number one responsibility is securing the homeland. and we live in a different climate. i think the gentleman accepts the fact that terrorism has become franchised at this moment. i thank the gentleman for yielding. i ask individuals to again support the jackson lee amendment. i yield back. mr. goodlatte: i thank the gentlewoman. i'm not persuaded that the department of homeland security, especially with the provision that provides for emergency relief from many of the provisions of the bill, can't be greatly benefited in all those who have to deal with the department of homeland security will not be greatly benefited if the department is operating more effectively and if the regulation today promulgate our more efficient and more effective and more addressed toward what really needs to be done to address problems and not simply adding to the regulatory burden that businesses and american citizens face. so i continue my oppositi
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